Shear Effect

Why use Shear? Why us? To be honest we do it better than the rest.

When we started this concept, we looked at the other people in this market, tried more than a few and took what they did well and improved on it, and looked at what wasn’t being done at all and added it to our vision.

We have tried to offer a mix of iconic styles and new season trends. We hope you find what you’re looking for, if you have a style you would like to have made for you, let us know and our tailors will be happy to help.


Along with great service and fantastic value, we wanted to make our clients stand out, which is not easy to do with an item that has to have 2 arms, and buttons at the front! So we came up
with the “Shear Cuff”. You can see it on some of our suits on the homepage, the cuff is cut at 45 degrees to give the wearer a clean line that both blends to the suit and can also stand out. It makes your suit different to every other suit out there. Be individual, be your own man.


On top of the individual design of the Shear Cuff, we wanted to let you know that we appreciate you buying your items from Shear and we wanted you to know how special your garment is.

It’s not off the peg, it’s not a “re-tailored” item, it’s not high street. It’s tailored made to you, it will fit only you. It’s a one off. So to make that point, every suit label has your details embroidered into it, along with the date it was completed for you. Our thanks, to you.

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