The Perfect Fit... EVERY TIME

Every SHEAR Bespoke suit is made from scratch

Unlike some other online bespoke tailors, every SHEAR Bespoke suit begins as a roll of high quality cloth and a pair of shears. Let’s show you how a suit should fit…

How do we make a perfectly fitted suit?

Watch our video and we’ll take you through the process of getting for yourself an eye-opening and perfectly fitted SHEAR suit …


Once you go bespoke, you'll never go back

SHEAR have come to tear up the rule book on bespoke tailoring… if you want it, you can have it… end of. Let’s talk about what your style should say about you.

So, now you know it’s possible to have a suit that fits you like a glove it’s time to book your consultation.

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Stay ahead of fashion in bespoke tailoring

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